How to get a Free Website with the Right Hosting

Last Updated: Jan - 18 - 2020

How to get a Free Website with the Right Hosting.

The old days of paying for web site design are long gone. Now, savvy businesses are learning that the best web site for their company is the one that can be had for free. You may be wondering how it is possible to get your business (or personal) web site online at no cost, but the secret lies in understanding that companies selling web hosting services want you to have a web site to host on their servers.

Since it is obviously good for business to do so, most web hosting services offer a variety of tools and resources to help users get a web site up and running with ease. Choosing the right web hosting service is the key to unlocking the flexible options for effectively-free web sites currently available. Here’s a look at what to watch for when choosing a web hosting service: Here’s a look at what to watch for when choosing a web hosting service:

Site Building Tools:

A good web hosting service will definitely provide some sort of “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” (WYSIWYG) site building application. Such a tool typically allows users to drag and drop text, images, and tables in order to hammer-out a basic web site. Often, site building applications will provide a variety of pre-determined templates for users to choose from. The positive aspect of site building tools is that it is easy for novices to get a simple site running.

The downside to WYSIWYG site building tools is that they don’t usually offer a polished, customized, professional look, which may be important to you.

WordPress Integration:

For all practical purposes, Word Press is the web site design tool for the future. Word Press is an overlaying application that basically lets users create elaborate blogs for free. The smart money is on choosing a web hosting service that provides one-click installation of the full Word Press suite.

Many of the most popular and successful web sites on the internet are built with Word Press, and you can certainly create a world-class site for your business using the platform.

Final Thoughts:

Other options are available that perform most of the same functions as WYSIWYG tools and Word Press. Blogger, for example is another blogging tool that is the backbone of many web sites. A good web hosting service will incorporate some or all of these tools in its subscription plans

When comparing web hosting services, the wise shopper will check the features-lists and choose a hosting company that offers some of these free site creation options as part of the plan.

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